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More than ever, people are listening to sermons online. Don't let bad audio be the reason they don't listen to yours.

About us

We know audio

We are an audio post-production company specializing in dialog and music for The Church. Our highly skilled audio engineers know how to create a distraction-free and engaging experience for your listeners. Here's how:

Clean and Balanced Tone
We make sure that all of the distracting background noises and unwanted clicks and pops are removed through an advanced audio repair process. Then, we make sure the tonal balance of the person speaking is natural and can be heard clearly on all devices, from an iPhone to a home theater system.
Even Dynamics
Isn't it frustrating when you're listening to a sermon or podcast and have to turn the volume up to hear what is said, then you have to turn it down when it gets loud? We know how to dynamically make the quiet and loud parts sound even, so the listener is free to focus on what is said, not the volume.
Broadcast Standards
Audio for web, tv, radio, and film require specific guidelines to ensure optimal and consistent playback. If you are releasing your sermons on one of those mediums, we can ensure that your audio is within the required specification, so you aren't left wondering if your audio will sound good on all platforms.
Welcome intro and outro
A positive, inviting experience before the message is a critical moment for the listener to feel welcomed and know how to connect with your church. We offer a professional voiceover service with a custom-tailored script and background music. You can make your greeting personal for your listeners before each sermon.


Hear the difference

We can tell you everything we do to make audio sound the best it can, but we think letting you hear for yourself will be better.

Intro Example


What others think

Not only do we produce high fidelity audio, but we also deliver a stress-free, streamlined experience when working with us. Here's what other people think.

“Working with The Sermon Post has been a relief. We no longer have to worry about the audio quality or consistency of it being an issue for our listeners. Since we’ve started using them, we’ve also seen an increase in the number of listeners, higher retention, and engagement! The team has been a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend using them for your church!”

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